Weddings – Handfastings – Renewal of Vows

Your wedding day is a magical moment in time to open your hearts and connect your souls as you bind and entwine your love for each other with specifically chosen words and actions.

With so much to think about, so much to physically do and arrange, planning your wedding though exciting can also be quite a stressful time in your life.


I’m here to help, to hold your hand, to guide and inspire you.


When we get together, I will have lots of questions for you based around Your past, how did you both meet? where was your first date? was it love at first sight or something else? Your present, we will discuss what you are feeling, your expectations, I really want to know, the absolute best vision you have of your wedding day? Which mini blessings you would like to incorporate, or is there something else unique to you both that we could build into your day and create something a little different? Are there any other people you might like to play a part in your ceremony? We will round up your love story, by looking forward to your future.

Ceremonies woven with ancient tradition


What happens on our Wedding day?

I will create a sacred space for your ceremony filled with your energy, hopes, dreams and passions. Knowing that we have planned and rehearsed to the very last detail, you will be able to relax, take a breath, slow down time and enjoy every single precious moment of your wedding day. Let your love shine out through your carefully chosen words, songs and actions. Your vows, whole heartedly spoken will bind & entwine your ever expanding love for each other.

Choose from these optional Mini Blessings:


I have a vast resource of fun mini blessings we can add into your ceremony.

These are just a few ideas.


Tying the knot with cords that bind you.

Ring Warming

Silent blessings and well wishes from your family.

Jumping the broom

Stepping into your new life together.

Calling in the Quarters

Invoking the powers of North, East, South & West.

Calling in the Elements

Invoking the powers of Land, Sea & Sky.

Blessing & Purification

Invoking the elements of Fire and Water.

So, how do we get started?


Drop me a message via the contact page or call me.

We will arrange a face to face or on-line chat, you can tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know if I can help

If you choose me as your celebrant, we can get started straight away

Wedding Ceremony or Vow Renewal Costs


The cost of your Wedding Ceremony or Vow Renewal will be £650 and includes:

♡ A face to face or online consultation.

♡ Two ‘mini blessings’ of your choice.

♡ Ceremony designed and based on your preferences.

♡ Edits to the ceremony script in response to your feedback.

♡ A rehearsal if required.

♡ I will conduct your ceremony on the date agreed.

♡ A presentation copy of the final script.

♡ Extra mini blessings can be added at £25 each.