Sacred Ceremonies

Honouring the passage of time, pausing to create a sacred space in which to acknowledge significant changes and phases of our lives.


I’m here to help, to hold your hand, to guide and inspire you.


It is of great value to celebrate the important transitional periods in a persons life, taking the opportunity to pause and mark the occasion is a blessing in itself. The well known and generally accepted milestones are the birth of a child, an 18th or 21st birthday, a wedding, wedding anniversaries and the death of a loved one. However, we have many more opportunities to celebrate the cycles, phases and changes in our lives.

Rite of Passage

Why not celebrate your child’s coming of age?, this is recognised in many cultures and traditions around the world. It is such an important, highly significant and emotional time for your child as they transition into adulthood. When we as parents acknowledge this change and honour it, giving the child greater responsibility and trust in their judgment, we encourage them to stand along side us and to grow in their own integrity as they prepare to become an independent adult.

What happens at a Rite of Passage?

After consulting with you and your child, having gathered key bits of information I will create a ceremony that honours the path your child has taken to get them to where they are today. The ceremony can be conducted with only close family or can be opened up to wider family and friends, the choice is yours. We will look forward to your child’s future hopes and dreams and set a positive intention for their path to light up ahead of them. We will cleanse and bless them in the present moment, ground and secure them in their own power, strength and wisdom. This will be a high vibrational and joyous occasion.

House Cleansing & Blessing

Often performed when moving into a new home, though it can be beneficial to repeat annually, preferably in spring time or at any time when the energy in the home feels sticky, heavy or negative. You never know what you’re going to find until you slow down time, and tune into the heart and vibration of a home, it can be quite an adventure, I always find them fascinating, refreshing and energising.

So, what will we do?

This ceremony will unfold and reveal itself before us as we slowly and intentionally move through every room of your home using the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water along with sound to cleanse, bless and raise the vibration of your home. We will call in guides, ancestors or the spirit of your home, we will set a strong intention to remove any negative energies and welcome new opportunities, new beginnings, new potentials. We may take time to meditate or I may lead you in a guided visualisation. When we have finished you will sense a positive glow within you and throughout your home.

Cutting The Cords

When we are in relationships of all kinds, it’s natural to develop bonds and ties, we literally feel the connection to one another. As love develops between two people the ties, the cords grow stronger, deeper, we love not just from the heart and mind but from deep inside our soul, our energies entwine, we feel at one with each other.

So, what happens when love is lost?

This can either be a very traumatic time in your life or you may feel that you can breathe again and feel excited to move on. Either way, when you separate physically it doesn’t mean that you have separated energetically, and this can hold you back in many ways.

What happens at cord cutting ceremony?

From our initial consultation we will reflect back to where your relationship started, remembering the good times and the bad. We will acknowledge the separation and its cause. This ceremony cannot take place with an angry heart, we will cast a sacred circle, call upon your ancestors, higher spirit or higher self to guide us and with open hearts we will honour and give thanks to the love you shared and lessons learned. We will symbolically and energetically cut the cords that bind you. After which we will set a very clear intention for your future, encapsulating your hopes and desires.

So, how do we get started?


Drop me a message via the contact page or call me.

We will arrange a face to face or on-line chat, you can tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know if I can help

If you choose me as your celebrant, we can get started straight away

Sacred Ceremony Costs


The cost of your Sacred Ceremony will be £250 and includes:

♡ A face to face or online consultation.

♡ Ceremony designed and based on your preferences.

♡ Edits to the ceremony script in response to your feedback.

♡ I will conduct your ceremony on the date agreed.

♡ A presentation copy of the final script.