Emma Louise,The Sacred Celebrant

Helping awakened families create heartfelt, soulful ceremonies.

You have the freedom to choose, sacred ceremony, in sacred spaces.

A civil ceremony is a bespoke ceremony, no registra required!

Have your ceremony anywhere you want, when you want, no licence required!!

My ceremonies mark major life events in ways that are truly personal, magical and woven with just the right amount of ancient tradition…

Bell Tent Wedding

So, what sort of ceremony are you looking for?


A Wedding, Hand-fasting, Elopement

The public proclamation of your love and union celebrated in a way that is unique to you, filled with heartfelt words and vows, full of love and laughter and perhaps a few tears of joy too.

A Naming Ceremony

Bestowing the perfect name upon your long awaited and much loved child. Parents’ promises and commitments to their new child.

A Celebration of Life

A salute to a life lived and love shared. Giving families the support they need in the planning, preparation and delivery of a ceremony at one of the many Green Burial sites around the UK.

Sacred Ceremonies

Honouring the passage of time, pausing to create a sacred space in which to acknowledge significant changes and phases of our lives.

About Me

To fully encapsulate and reveal your story filled with your energy, I’m going to be asking lots of questions about you, your family, your fears, your hopes and dreams. Therefore it’s only fair that I should give you a bit of background information on me.

I have life long experience of ceremony and energetic magic. Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed scripting, designing and delivering ceremonies and ancient ‘Rites of Passage’ for many of my friends and family.

Having a background in holistic health, I am a great believer in the natural healing ability of the mind and body.  I’ve taught Meditation for over 20 years, and am fascinated by the mystery, the vast opportunities, and learnings yet to come from quantum physics.

I walk barefoot when I can, hug trees, talk with animals, paddle in the river, gaze at stars,  meditate, sing, generating as much loving healing energy as I can. I’m good at holding and creating sacred space.  

Being a very positive, intuitive, and mindful person, I love creating ceremony for people of like mind. 

You have the FREEDOM to choose


Let’s break all the rules, and do it our own way!!